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Eskom outlook for 2021 Ted Blom

Ted Blom on Eskom outlook: 2021 will be worst year ever

“Based on the above Eskom scenarios,” says Ted Blom, “the likelihood of level 6 loadshedding appears >50%, and in worst case scenarios, even level 8 loadshedding appears very likely to be achieved intermittently."

Lessons from mining: A focus on large power users at AUW & PGAF

Electricity supply within the large power users market will be addressed at the African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa in Cape Town from 12-14 May.
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TED BLOM: 30%+ of SA mines could be terminated due to power costs

"The whole South African mining and beneficiation sector was built on the back of cheap and abundant electricity availability," says Blom.
Op-ed: Ted Blom on where Eskom tariffs are heading

Tshwane municipality taking flack for electricity tariff hikes

Nersa has given the Tshwane municipality seven days to explain why the metro wants to increase fixed charges to customers.
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Eskom to release its 2017/18 financial results

Today the South African power utility Eskom is due to release its 2017/18 financial results. For weeks on end, the financially embattled parastatal has been locked in wage negotiations with three trade unions and finally...

Energy expert Ted Blom warns of a rise in “DIY electricity”

A roadmap for South Africa’s energy future presented at the African Utility Week warned of a rise in “do-it-yourself-electricity” and ultimately the possible collapse of the country’s energy grid. Energy expert Ted Blom presented...
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Draconian Nersa rules to financially hit consumers again

Public comment on Nersa's draft consultation paper on the rules for registration of small-scale embedded generation‚ which will require consumers to register with the regulator before connecting a generator at their home, closes on...

Op-Ed: “I am technology agnostic,” claims Ted Blom

Ted Blom writes in response to an article featured on ESI Africa dated 25 April 2018 penned by Dr Bernhard Scheffler, “Energy Expert” Blom’s crusade against 27 renewable energy contracts”. Scheffler starts the article by...

Op-Ed: “Energy Expert” Blom’s crusade against 27 renewable energy contracts

Written by Dr Bernhard Scheffler I refer to the article on ESI Africa where “Energy Expert” Ted Blom is quoted as saying “ coal power from the old fleet costs less than 40c/kWh, while the average...