Sustainable development goals

Escalating knowledge sharing on global energy transition

IRENA and UNFCCC are jointly ramping up efforts on knowledge sharing on energy transition by promoting the use of renewable energy.

Looking at the global progress in attaining SEforALL goals

Enel Foundation contributed to the SEforALL Charrettes in Amsterdam, discussing the global progress towards Sustainable Development Goal 7.
sustainable energy future

Energy agencies form coalition for a sustainable energy future

IRENA and IEA have signed a Memorandum of Understanding committing to work together for a secure and sustainable energy future.

Microalgae research adds to renewable energy package

Renewable energy research is underway at the University of Lagos’ department of botany, which seeks to harness the huge opportunity of microalgae in the energy mix.
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Global progress lags behind energy target for 2030

The world is not on track to meet the global energy targets for 2030 set as part of the Sustainable Development Goals, however real progress is being made in areas of expansion of access to electricity in least developed countries as well as industrial energy efficiency.
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Exclusive interview with Lead Specialist | Product Incubator | DBSA

Exclusive interview with Jonathan First, Lead Specialist, Product Incubator, Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA), South Africa. “At AUW I will speak around the...

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