Wind turbine Sudan

Arrival of wind turbine in Sudan marks a significant milestone

The 63m-tall wind turbine marks the inaugural milestone towards the first commercial-scale wind energy plant in Sudan.

GERD deadlock could be resolved by solar and wind power

New research shows how tensions between Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt, and controversy over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam can be dealt with and a win-win situation found for the hydropower project's long-term operation.

Tigray conflict could delay Grand Renaissance dam negotiations

Conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region could cause a delay in confirming a resolution surrounding Africa's largest and most controversial hydroelectric project.
renewable energy Sudan

Sudan: Unlocking renewable energy to expand energy access

The United Nations Development Programme has released a roadmap to unlock the potential of Sudan’s renewable energy and expand energy access.
SEFA funding

Green funding to address climate resilience in Sudan

The Green Climate Fund has approved $25.6million to fund a climate resilience project in Sudan, designed to promote agriculture, health and food and water security.
Water supply

Siemens partnership to provide safe drinking water in Sudan

Siemens has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a social enterprise company, HELIOZ, to provide safe drinking water to marginalised residents of Khartoum, the capital of Sudan.

Ed’s note: Profiling Sudan: From oil giant to silent solar power...

Vulnerability to desertification and climate change has driven the need for Sudan to scale up solar photovoltaic projects in the coming years.
Solar Lab

Sudan’s first ‘Solar Lab’ to provide quality-assured technology

The core function of the Solar Lab is to ensure the quality and longevity of imported solar systems and to support Sudan’s solar revolution.
solar for agriculture

Solar for agriculture: Empowering farmers in Sudan

Farming in Sudan often relies on diesel-powered water pumps but using solar for agriculture has increased land use and productivity by nearly 50%.
Two-part: Webinar of the Municipal Leaders Forum

US Treasury mediates talks between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan

The US facilitated the preparation of an agreement on the filling and operation of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam involving Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan.

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