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Solar water heating

Water heating solutions for the South African commercial sector

In South Africa, national building regulations state that at least 50% of the commercial sector's annual water heating must be generated by means other than electrical resistance heating elements.
Solar water heating

Partnership brings solar water heating into South African homes

Electrolux Africa and PowerOptimal have partnered to bring cost-effective solar water heating solutions to the South African residential market.
Integrated Master Plan

Kenya: Parliament dismantle penalty for solar water heating systems

The Parliament of Kenya has annulled the law  imposing a Sh1 million ($9,970) fine or one-year jail term for property developers and home owners who fail to install solar water heating systems in their...
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Kenya: Final deadline for solar water heating systems installations

The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) has announced that property owners have only six months to comply with the requirements of installing solar water heating systems or risk a Sh1 million ($9,970) fine, one-year imprisonment or...