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Op-Ed: Is SA’s energy dark ages set to end after SONA 2020?

Dr Sam Duby, TFE Energy's Africa Director, asks whether the 2020 SONA is the first shaft of light heralding the end of South Africa’s energy dark ages.
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Register your solar PV system before 31 May 2019, warns City of Cape Town

In an effort to pre-empt national legislation, the City of Cape Town has issued a notice requiring registration of solar PV systems before 31 May 2019.

Ed’s Note: Setting the record straight on employment opportunities

Across the world, countries are observing a public holiday today. Whether you call it workers’ day, labour day or May Day this is a day that recognises the working force in all industries. Originally published...

Ed’s Note: The electricity grid…going, going, gone

The reappearance of planned rotational loadshedding in March raised the question of how South Africans can go completely off the electricity grid.

Bi-directional metering an option to strengthen grid readiness

Bruce Raw, CSO at GreenCape, discusses the future of bi-directional metering in South Africa and the readiness of our grid to incorporate renewable energy in an interview with ESI Africa. According to Bruce, most of...