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New act to improve driver behaviour and safety on the road

Solutions that combine telematics and AI have become essential for fleet managers and drivers, helping them pre-empt risks, reduce costs, and improve driving behaviour.
charging infrastructure electric motorbike

Africa’s e-mobility needs to expand charging infrastructure

The number of electric vehicles in Africa could increase significantly if only charging infrastructure could keep up with market interest. Strides in micro-mobility in East Africa point to a potential growth point.

New bicycle sharing scheme to reduce Kigali’s carbon emissions

The City of Kigali and green e-mobility public transport company GURARIDE unveiled a bicycle sharing scheme to reduce carbon emissions and the city's dependency on automobiles.
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Revolutionising e-mobility in Africa one bike at a time

The potential of micro-mobility through motorbikes and three wheel vehicles to supercharge Africa's e-mobility sector lies in collaboration, yet at the same time requires more participants to really get going.
south africa electric value chain

What’s shaping the South African electric vehicle value chain?

In an effort to curb greenhouse gas emissions, a report compiled by the City of Cape Town's Department of Enterprise and Investment along with GreenCape conveys insights about the electric vehicle ecosystem.

Analytics shows EV revolution to underpin metals demand

Copper, lithium, cobalt and nickel were the most discussed metals among the social media influencer conversations on the topic of electric vehicles.
heavy duty vehicles

An all-electric future for heavy-duty vehicles

One step closer to an emission-free future. Toyota has announced it will start assembling its own fuel cell for heavy-duty commercial vehicles at its Kentucky plant in 2023.