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ESI Insights #19: The impact of smart water metering

As part of mitigating revenue losses– governments across the world have gone the smart way by deploying various smart water metering initiatives.

Indian city to reduce revenue loss by 50%

In India, Pune Municipal Corporation has secured two partnerships to implement its smart water metering initiative. The municipality is partnering with Larsen & Toubro and Sensus to install some 275,000 smart water meters over a period of...
World Bank

Smart water metering trends over 2017-2024

The global water metering industry will be characterised by extensive product rollouts, according to market research firm Global Market Insights. Given the soaring concerns over water scarcity, reliability, and security, smart water metering market is...

Is smart water metering intelligent?

On Tuesday, Gerardt P Viljoen, managing director, Sensus, presented a  technical workshop at African Utility Week showcasing the best way to ensure smart water metering becomes intelligent. “We all need to be passionate about water…only...