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Case study into outwitting electricity theft

Examining an electricity theft reduction initiative that replaced post-paid meters with anti-tamper, anti-fraud & anti-theft smart prepaid meters in Ghana.

Gains and shortfalls: Nigeria’s metering sector shows promise

The general manager for Conlog in Nigeria, Elungile Mzimba, and two utility representatives talk about the state of metering in the country.
electricity grid

Using digitalisation to address West Africa power grid challenges

Canadian digital sensor company Awesense has teamed up with Ghanaian engineering firm Arthur Energy Advisors to address power grid challenges in Ghana and Sierra Leone.

Smart Metering for utilities

Partner Showcase - Platinum Partner | Nyamezela The performance of meters in service has a direct impact on the power utility’s bottom line. However, achieving a healthy revenue status can only be attained by...
Anil Saboo President of IEEMA

ANIL SABOO: The President of IEEMA on India’s connection to Africa

Anil Saboo, president of IEEMA, shares that the Indian power sector is undergoing a significant change that has redefined the industry outlook – a scenario that can benefit the African region.
smart metering self-consumption

The connection between smart meters and self-consumption

This article presents a combination of smart metering and smart charging to help local energy communities increase self-consumption and achieve economic benefits.

Unlock fit-for-purpose metering solutions

With service delivery being the ultimate goal of utilities and municipalities, finding the best fit-for-purpose metering solutions will ultimately grow revenue and improve service delivery.

Oracle Utilities: 3 pillars of AMI success

Find out how utilities can optimise Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) by investing in three key areas.

Pivoting to digital to improve your utility cash flow

A fundamental objective for any utility is to keep non-technical losses low. Pivoting to digital can improve your utility cash flow advises Conlog.
Conlog Live webinar

Webinar recording: Financial health for East African utilities

Download Conlog's discussion on managed services and metering insights to ensure maximum financial health for utilities in East Africa.