Smart grids


Pairing existing telecom infrastructure with AMI

For electricity and gas utilities, the adoption of smart meters and AMI has been largely driven by regulatory efforts to enable a carbon-free energy system.
distribution networks

Automatic reclosing 101: Secrets uncovered

The seemingly simple technology of automatically closing circuit breakers after interrupting a fault is brutally effective in increasing network reliability.
telecom operators

How to keep utility smart technology uptake relevant

Utility telecoms tend to take a lead from supervisory apparatus deployed in power stations and substations, whilst the commercial ICT world moves swiftly to...

Ground rules to establishing a smarter grid

The technical challenges of managing a smart grid and ensuring that no kWh is wasted starts with utilities, the private sector and municipal departments...
Yackov Dar

How smart grids enable utilities to become better service providers

Yackov Dar, managing director of PCMA, uses the example of smart grid technology enabling utilities to notify customers of an outage ahead of time,...
smart grids

Improving energy performance via smart grids | Case study

When energy generation and management are not optimised, that can severely impact economic results. Also if costs are not closely controlled or production is not...
smart grids

Smart grids to present $17.6bn opportunity in MENA region

Smart infrastructure market intelligence firm Northeast Group forecasts smart grid investments in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region to reach $17.6 billion from...

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