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Electricity 4.0 where digital and electric converge

Electricity 4.0: Where digital and electric converge

With a global move towards decarbonisation of the electricity mix, Taru Madangombe discusses Electricity 4.0 - the convergence of electrical and digital at scale - as a route to smarter and more efficient energy.
smart data analytics

Ghana take advantage of smart data analytics for energy regulation

Ghana’s Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) is improving its regulatory function by improving its ability to collect, analyse and monitor data.
e-mobility sustainable mobility

E-mobility already exists in SA and business opportunities abound

The motor vehicle assembly and component manufacturing industry is a key pillar of south Africa’s economy, contributing just more than 6.4% of the country’s GDP and 27% of manufacturing output but e-mobility could change that.
African Utility of the Future

$5,000 prize for African Utility of the Future competition winner

The African Development Bank and EnergyNet have created the African Utility of Future competition enabling teams to compete for a $5,000 prize. Submission deadline of 6 November 2020.

10 steps to smarter digital planning for utilities, infographic

A 10-step cheat sheet full of hints, tips and practical advice for utilities who are embarking on a digital transformation project. View infographic
The growth in utility management interest occurred after Eskom said rotational power outages were here to stay until at least March 2022.

Ed’s letter: Preparing for a decade of smart energy action

Let’s debate whether Africa is ready for a smart energy transition. Do these success stories show that we are already underway?

TID rollover in 2024: “Utilities have very little time left”

Conlog's R&D manager explains the risks associated with the STS TID metering rollover, which will affect municipalities, utitilities and sub-contractors.
supply chain

DTI and CSIR collaborate on growing greener industries

Industrial efficiency conference addresses smart energy solutions, smart factories and digital platforms for eco-innovation and growing greener industries.

Getting communities on board for utilities’ digital transformation is not easy 

African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa Day 2: SMART ENERGY: Getting communities on board for utilities’ digital transformation needed but not easy

Ed’s Note: It’s a busy month for the energy sector in May

The month of May is officially National Energy Month in South Africa. How apt that it overlaps with today’s national elections.