smart cities

Wyndham City

Wyndham City lays the foundation for its smart city future with...

To prepare its foundational back-office solutions for this data-enriched future, Wyndham City turned to Oracle to deliver an enterprise platform for next-gen operations.
net-zero cities need renewable energy

Enel, Schneider and WEF publish first toolkit for net-zero cities

Schneider Electric, the Enel Group and World Economic Forum have published the first deliverable of the Net Zero Carbon Cities – Systemic Efficiency Initiative.
sustainable businessRoof space is not wasted thanks to the solar panels in Zanzibar. Source: Verde Hotels

Taking notes from a greening sustainable business

Smart cities and municipalities can learn much from the integrated green principles and practices undertaken through an eco-friendly business model.
solar smart cities

Solar as a key enabler to the functioning of smart cities

Smart cities are where traditional networks and services are made more flexible, efficient and sustainable but how does solar power fit into the dynamic?

World Bank invests in Maputo’s critical urban infrastructure

The World Bank will finance critical urban infrastructure investments in Maputo and support the implementation of municipal reforms.

WATCH AGAIN: Engineering robust smart cities in Africa

The Digital Energy Festival includes this discussion to add to your knowledge of developing smart cities for Africa.
smart cities south africa

3 Steps to make SA’s cities smarter rather than building new...

Why we should be making South Africa's cities smart, rather than building new smart cities to achieve better efficiencies.
IIoT smart cities

How to leverage IIoT to power Africa’s smart cities and grid

Coupling infrastructure projects with IIoT from the onset will improve their optimal use as Africa develops its smart cities and smart grids.
carbon neutral to be adopted in the cement and concrete.

Cement and concrete industry targets a carbon neutral future

Forty of the world's leading cement and concrete companies plan to drive down the CO2 footprint via carbon neutral concrete tech by 2050.

Op-ed: Bold action required to build back better for post-COVID-19

The disruption caused by COVID-19 has shown the impact modern society has on the environment with reports of nature reclaiming our cities.

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