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sustainable businessRoof space is not wasted thanks to the solar panels in Zanzibar. Source: Verde Hotels

Taking notes from a greening sustainable business

Smart cities and municipalities can learn much from the integrated green principles and practices undertaken through an eco-friendly business model.
carbon neutral to be adopted in the cement and concrete.

Cement and concrete industry targets a carbon neutral future

Forty of the world's leading cement and concrete companies plan to drive down the CO2 footprint via carbon neutral concrete tech by 2050.

Op-ed: Bold action required to build back better for post-COVID-19

The disruption caused by COVID-19 has shown the impact modern society has on the environment with reports of nature reclaiming our cities.
smart grids

Bits to watts for a fully connected smart grid

Electric power companies want to improve quality and efficiency by deploying data centres and reconstructing management platforms to create smart grids.
Green building practices can help construction industry bounce back

IFC’s support of green building policies leads to emissions drop

IFC’s support of green building policies, two million tons of greenhouse gases are avoided annually, which is equivalent to removing 426,000 cars off the road.

1,000 cleantech solution companies sought by international label

GreenCape is the South African contact point to assist local cleantech companies to apply to join the Solar Impulse Foundation 1,000 Efficient Solutions Label portfolio.

One Discovery Place achieves six Green Star as-built rating

One Discovery Place is among one of the few projects to have achieved a six Green Star as-built rating from the Green Building Council of South Africa.
electricity access

The need for smarter, more adaptable cities

It is now clearer than ever that the main characteristic of our future cities needs to be adaptability, post COVID-19 pandemic.
informal settlements

Urbanisation is remaking Africa

African cities are estimated to house just more than 1.2 billion people at the moment and will experience a 4% annual growth rate.
Distributed PV

The big question: The future skyline of energy generation in cities

The Big Question we asked the experts is: What are Africa's cities and metros doing to encourage the uptake of distributed energy resources?

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