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Op-Ed: Cities urged to amplify their climate change commitments

Cities are major contributors to climate change — but they also have the power to change the world by amplifying their climate change commitments.
global energy efficiency

Twelve strategies to step up global energy efficiency

A new report offers twelve global strategies and recommendations to the IEA's Global Commission for Urgent Action on Energy Efficiency.
green buildings

How to tap into the enormous potential in green buildings

In SSA, cities will double in population by 2050, providing a $768 billion investment opportunity to green future construction until 2030, says IFC report.

Initiatives boost public e-mobility and smart cities

Enel Foundation contributed to a discussion around infrastructure and networks for Smart Cities and the role of electric vehicles in the energy transition.

Mobile data to improve urban energy behaviour

A new study finds that mobile phone data could enable urban buildings to become more energy-efficient.
smart building

Southeast Asia welcomes first zero-emissions building

Singapore based SP Group has established the first zero-emission building in Southeast Asia that is fully powered by green hydrogen.
livable cities

Regional development banks vow to develop livable cities

A new report, Creating Livable Cities: Regional Perspectives, looks at urbanisation trends across emerging and developing economies.
Tomorrow’s Rural Home

Launch of self charging power bank, thanks to collaborative capital

We The People announced a partnership with ConFlow Power to develop self-charging power banks for use with phones, tablets, and laptops.

ENGIE partnership unveils AI-powered solution—‘Smart Institutions’

ENGIE in partnership with software provider have launched Smart Institutions an AI-powered holistic energy-as-a-service software solution for large institutions.
smart cities

Infrastructures and networks that boost smart cities

Enel Foundation contributed to the event Infrastructures and networks for Smart Cities: what operational efficiency and social value impacts.

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