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Smart buildings

Schneider Electric targets IoT and smart building development in Africa

Commercial Real Estate consumes 53% of the world’s electric consumption and will grow to over 80%, by 2040 driving the need for smart building design.
circular economy

Why Africa needs a Circular Economy framework

Europe officially adopted the Circular Economy Package imposing ambitious recycling and waste recovery targets on its member countries, but what of Africa?
smart cities

Best practices to deliver smarter grid networks and smarter cities

The massive fire damage suffered by the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris got me thinking about the longevity of our infrastructure designs.
smart city

Heightened threat: Is a smart city a secure city?

As a city’s management network increases to include streetlights, water and electric meters, traffic signals, security cameras and more, these growing numbers...
smart city

The Big Question: The drivers behind smart city development

The Big Question: What policies, regulation and technologies are needed to drive the realisation of an African resilient, smart city?

Developed megacities are on a decline, says research

Out of 44 megacities in the developing world, GlobalData has identified 26 cities that will outperform developed megacities by 2025.

ESI Insights #21: Developing African smart cities

WATCH this video to learn about what kind of impact will the accelerated growth of urbanisation have on African cities.

Who will win the eco-transportation race?

A divide in the global trend of embracing technology that offers eco-friendly transportation has emerged, driving a wedge within the pro-renewables community....

Pairing existing telecom infrastructure with AMI

For electricity and gas utilities, the adoption of smart meters and AMI has been largely driven by regulatory efforts to enable a carbon-free energy system.
Plastics industry

Weighing in on the Gulf region’s renewable assimilation success

In Gulf countries, abundant resources and enabling frameworks have led to solar prices of below 3 cents per kWh and dispatchable CSP of 7.3 cents per kWh.

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