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Micro-mobility and ticketing took centre stage at Smarter Mobility Africa

Giving the green light to a single ticketing system for public transport was on everybody’s lips at the 2021 Smarter Mobility Africa event.
Smarter Mobility Africa 2021

Highlight from Smarter Mobility Africa Digital Event – Day 3

Tune in for the final digital day covering up-to-date information from the experts on trending topics addressing smarter mobility in Africa.
smart cities

The future of smart cities

With the global smart cities market expected to grow from $410.8 billion in 2020 to $820.7 billion by 2025, it is imperative that the materials and formats of new smart cities are analysed.
Smarter Mobility Africa 2021

Highlight from Smarter Mobility Africa Hybrid Event – Day 1

Live and digital: Welcome keynote delivered by the Host Partner Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport and Title Partner Alstom, followed by a panel discussion looking at electric vehicle vehicle standardisation.
WEF funding

Ed’s note: The revolution is in full swing, don’t be left behind

When industry giants, with decades of experience under their belts, take steps to give their business a facelift, you know things are afoot. What the impact will be, I could not guess.

New act to improve driver behaviour and safety on the road

Solutions that combine telematics and AI have become essential for fleet managers and drivers, helping them pre-empt risks, reduce costs, and improve driving behaviour.
ABSA EPC Hand-over

Absa awarded EPC certificate for complying with new regulations

Absa has been awarded an EPC certificate verifying its above-average performance and compliance with South Africa’s new energy performance regulations for buildings.
Taxi industry

Ed’s note: Removing ICE from our public transport equation

Is the removal of internal combustion engine vehicles from public transport across the world to the same degree as was accomplished with leaded petrol even possible?

$5Bn injection for smart village and learning project in Ghana

TPT Global Tech has signed a strategic technology partnership agreement with Skybridge West Africa. The $5 billion green housing and educational learning project in Ghana, West Africa
smart cities

Ed’s note: The trappings of smart cities

The city you live in is unique – from its architecture to public spaces to how utility services are delivered. As much as each has a distinct vibe, all have one thing that binds them.