Small scale embedded generation


SA Energy Minister’s decision on SSEG will drive investment, says SAPVIA

The decision by the DoE to approve the deviation from the IRP (2010-2030) is welcomed by SAPVIA and was received positively by the industry alike.

SAWEA supports licence for businesses to generate renewable power

SAWEA has come out in support of the recent request by the Department of Energy for NERSA to licence businesses to generate power and feed it into the national grid.
A short guide to South Africa's energy sector for consumers

South Africa welcomes private sector’s help to alleviate power crisis

Government recognises the role that private sector can play to ease the current power crisis and shortfall that South Africa is facing.
solar PV hybrid systems

NERSA withdraws its draft for small-scale embedded generation rules

The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) has welcomed the decision by NERSA to withdraw the proposed rules to govern the registration of Small-Scale Embedded...

NERSA clarifies draft rules consultation paper for SSEG

The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) has issued a statement clarifying and put into proper perspective the consultation paper on the draft...
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Draconian Nersa rules to financially hit consumers again

Public comment on Nersa's draft consultation paper on the rules for registration of small-scale embedded generation‚ which will require consumers to register with the...

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