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Considering new energy path to viability for African utilities

The report A New Energy Path to Viability for African Utilities outlines the strategic considerations for African utilities to create a path towards sustainability as their way of business shifts completely.

The Big Question | Unbundling of state-owned utilities

In our latest feature of the Big Question, we asked the experts what hat are the challenges and best models to implement successful unbundling of state-owned utilities?
New Development Bank

Consortium to aid Eskom through a loan facility

South Africa's electricity parastal, Eskom, has concluded a credit facility valued at R15 billion with a consortium of local and international banks. 

Bankability remains utility vice in digital transition

Speaking to ESI Africa at the recent Power-Gen Africa show in Johannesburg, Jorge Lascas, founder of the African Power Platform is of the opinion that the increased emergence of micro-grids and blockchain is helping...