Stable energy is central to Africa’s economic growth

Africa boasts seven of the world’s 10 fastest-growing economies, however stable energy is a requisite to continue this growth.

SANEDI deploys large-scale home cooling initiative in South Africa

SANEDI is currently rolling out solar-reflective roof coatings to communities across South Africa, aided by a $100,000 grant that the institute won in 2019.
building an energy efficient house

Op-Ed: building an energy efficient house, let the sunshine in

Energy saving construction techniques are vital, as building an energy efficient house will cut costs and is also environmentally responsible.

SANEDI receives $100,000 from 1 Million Cool Roofs Challenge

SANEDI is one of ten global teams awarded a $100 000 grant by the Million Cool Roofs Challenge to deploy solar reflective coating and/or materials.
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Claiming your tax incentive on energy savings in South Africa

The 12L tax incentive gives South African businesses three more years to save as much as 30% on their energy bills through energy efficiency measures.

SANEDI joins Global CCS Institute to promote climate change research

SANEDI has joined the Global CCS Institute, to enhance the activities of the South African Centre for Carbon Capture and Storage, a division of SANEDI.
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Solar process heat plant to save energy costs for Wits University...

The newly launched SOLTRAIN projects, a district heating plant is expected to save millions in energy costs for Wits University residences.
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South Africans urged to conserve energy

As May marks National Energy Month in South Africa, the government uses this time to urge all citizens to conserve energy.
loadshedding returns

Re-introduction of loadshedding: Why is this happening now?

To make sense of it all, ESI Africa engaged with energy stakeholders asking why is loadshedding happening.

SANEDI seeks partnerships between South Africa and Switzerland

Representatives of SANEDI recently attended the CSIR-hosted Switzerland Global Enterprises Cleantech mission to promote trade and Research and Development in the clean technology and energy efficiency industries.

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