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New partnership to support solar energy in the Sahel

GreenYellow has partnered with MIGA, a member of the World Bank Group, to construct, operate and maintain a 30MWp solar energy facility and mobilise private capital to the underserved Sahel region.
Ouagadougou slum Burkina Faso

Addressing sustainable energy access in the Sahel

The United Nations Development Programme and Sustainable Energy for All will partner to unlock public and private investment towards affordable and sustainable energy access for all in Africa, especially in the Sahel.

Africa’s desert solar initiative to provide electricity to 250m people

Solar projects under the desert solar initiative, stretching across the Sahel region are expected to connect 250 million people to electricity.

ECOWAS to boost electricity access in West Africa via off-grid solar

According to the ECOWAS Commissioner for energy and mines, Sédiko Douka,  only 40% of the population within west African region and the Sahel region have access to electricity supply. To overcome this shortfall, on Tuesday...