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SADC and COMESA grant

SADC and COMESA receive AfDB grant to advance electricity regulations

The AfDB approved grants of $2.5 million to advance intra-regional harmonisation of electricity regulations and drive cross-border power trading in the COMESA and SADC regional blocs, which cover 28 African countries.
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Mozambique utility renews contract to supply electricity to Lesotho

Mozambique's publicly owned Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM), will for the next 12 months supply between five and 35 megawatts of power to the Lesotho Electricity Company (LEC).
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Notable progress for SADC interconnector

A project, which will connect Angola, Malawi and Tanzania to the Southern African Power Pool, is seeing notable progress, according to the Southern African Development Community (SADC).
Investments in renewables need to triple in order to scale capacity

IRENA and SACREEE to accelerate renewables deployment in Southern Africa

IRENA and SACREEE signed a treaty to work together on accelerating the deployment renewable energy solutions in Southern African countries.
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African countries are reaping the benefits of AfDB $13bn investment

The AfDB has invested an estimated $13bn in Southern Africa since 2012, which is delivering strong results across countries, according to the Bank’s President.
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Solar process heat plant to save energy costs for Wits University residences

The newly launched SOLTRAIN projects, a district heating plant is expected to save millions in energy costs for Wits University residences.

SADC region sees 38.7% growth in renewables capacity

The SADC region is realising a considerable increase in the number and quality of its renewable energy and energy efficiency policies.

Power pool plan to maximise energy trade within SADC

The recently adopted Southern African Power Pool Plan is set to benefit the wider regional economy by scaling-up cross border energy trade.

SAPP workshop to discuss regional Power Pool Plan

SAPP will host a workshop next Wednesday, to discuss the Pool Plan recently endorsed by the Energy Ministers of SADC member countries.

SACREEE to spearhead regional renewables market

SACREEE is expected to increase the coordination of standards in a region inundated with an influx of various solar products and technologies.