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Exploring mini-grid business case for undergrid customers

The Rocky Mountain Institute and Energy Market and Regulatory Consultants have released a report, which uncovers mini-grids business case for undergrid customers.
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Addressing electricity market barriers for end-users in Africa

A new Rocky Mountain Institute report, Closing the Circuit, Stimulating End-Use for Rural Electrification, focuses on end-user's affordability of electricity.

Benin Electricity Distributor to pilot mini-grid systems in Edo State

Benin Electricity Distribution Company plans to pilot a mini-grid project in Edo State to reduce dependency for power supply through the Transmission Company of Nigeria.
undergrid customers

Nigeria: Scaling mini-grids could stimulate $20bn investment

The Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) in collaboration with the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) this week released a report entitled, Minigrid Investment Report: Scaling the...

Off grid, on power: How minigrids enable electrification

Until recently, Gbamu Gbamu, a rural community in Nigeria’s Ogun State, was left without access to electricity – cash-strapped utilities could not justify the...

Nigeria set to launch framework for low-cost microgrid energy

The Rocky Mountain Institute and Nigeria’s Rural Electrification Agency have partnered to reduce the costs of energy generated from mini-grids. The two have developed a...

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