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Minigrid business model shows utility & developer can collaborate

Successful deployment of Nigeria’s first rural commercial undergrid minigrid model shows power developers and utilities can work together.
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Climate investment and energy access in Africa

New research highlights a $200 billion market opportunity for climate investment to help achieve universal access to energy in Africa.

New partnership to improve energy access in Ethiopia

The Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) is partnering with IKEA Foundation to improve access to energy in rural communities in Ethiopia.

Tools to help the utility business model adapt to the energy transition

As more countries work toward transitioning to a cleaner and more flexible grid, there is an increasing need for a clear set of utility business model tools and regulatory pathways.

First undergrid mini-grid deployment in Nigeria a success

Rocky Mountain Institute, Abadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) and Nayo Tropical Technology have partnered to bring Nigeria’s first rural commercial undergrid mini-grid online.
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Report: transition from coal to clean energy is within reach

Replacing the entire global coal fleet with clean energy can be done at a net savings to society as early as 2022, states to a new report.
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Exploring mini-grid business case for undergrid customers

The Rocky Mountain Institute and Energy Market and Regulatory Consultants have released a report, which uncovers mini-grids business case for undergrid customers.
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Addressing electricity market barriers for end-users in Africa

A new Rocky Mountain Institute report, Closing the Circuit, Stimulating End-Use for Rural Electrification, focuses on end-user's affordability of electricity.

Benin Electricity Distributor to pilot mini-grid systems in Edo State

Benin Electricity Distribution Company plans to pilot a mini-grid project in Edo State to reduce dependency for power supply through the Transmission Company of Nigeria.
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Nigeria: Scaling mini-grids could stimulate $20bn investment

The Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) in collaboration with the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) this week released a report entitled, Minigrid Investment Report: Scaling the Nigerian Market, which shows how mini-grids can improve business profitability. According to...