risk management

crisis management

Crisis management: Utilities under siege

The ESI Africa logo on the front cover of this edition takes on a visual representation of our support for the industry in times of crisis management.

Trending topic: The latest (Re)Insurer marketplace conditions

Willis Towers Watson addresses the issues currently prevailing in the international insurance market, specifically the (Re)Insurer marketplace conditions.
solar and wind projects

Four South African renewable projects secure MIGA guarantees

The projects have secured protection against the risks of Transfer and Inconvertibility, Expropriation, Breach of Contract, and War & Civil disturbance.
Risk management.

If no one dies, the risk is acceptable

ESI Africa published a quick risk management poll on Twitter that addressed the catchphrase "if no one dies, the risk is acceptable". 71% disagreed.

Exploring the role of internal auditors in the public sector

Could there be a link between internal auditors' ability to balance the books and the lack of revenue management systems for some struggling municipalities? A...

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