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Colombian utility identifies a way to reduce energy theft

Megger’s TDR2050 helps reduce energy theft as it can be connected to an energised network and eliminate the effect of the dead zone.

Utility revenue shortfall, no problem just hike the tariff

South Africa's power utility is making customers pay for its poor business management through increased electricity tariffs to cover its revenue shortfall.

Securing utility revenue as the generation mix evolves

Conlog writes on the importance of revenue management and the spin-offs in the utility's operations while the emergence of renewable energy takes hold.

Nigeria: Government presents unlimited investment opportunities

"New initiatives by the Government present unlimited investment opportunities," says Future Energy Nigeria business development director Ade Yesufu.

Conlog corporate overview

With over 50 years’ experience in the power and energy industry, Conlog specialises in the delivery of electricity products and services including both prepaid...
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Kenya Power deploys meter testing to boost service delivery

Kenya Power has acquired two new single phase meter test benches of 40 positions each in a bid to enhance the capacity for testing and deployment of meters to customers.

How smart technologies will drive Africa’s electrical expansion

The use of advanced metering technologies is steadily on the rise in Africa, but, to evolve the business models of the electrical utilities operating...
Kenya Power

Exclusive interview | Yackov Dar: Power-C Metering Africa (PCMA)

This is an exclusive interview with Yackov Dar, the founder, president and chief executive officer of Power-C Metering Africa (PCMA), an exhibitor at the...

Exploring the role of internal auditors in the public sector

Could there be a link between internal auditors' ability to balance the books and the lack of revenue management systems for some struggling municipalities? A...

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