revenue management

Unlock fit-for-purpose metering solutions

With service delivery being the ultimate goal of utilities and municipalities, finding the best fit-for-purpose metering solutions will ultimately grow revenue and improve service delivery.

NERSA to oppose Eskom’s high court application to review RCA

South Africa’s national energy regulator, NERSA, has stated that it will oppose the Eskom high court application to review its RCA.

Kenya Power seeks lender to address cash deficit

Kenya's power utility, Kenya Power, is facing serious debt issues which have seen the utility now seek a lender to address its cash deficit.

LERC approves LEC’s request for an incentive for large power users

The Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) is to implement an 'Incentive Framework' for large electricity consumers using high security prepaid meters,

Ghana: ECG to prioritise collections in attempt to better manage revenue

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) will be resuming their Revenue Mobilisation exercise as of today in an effort to generate revenue.
large consumer groups

Large consumer groups key to municipalities becoming successful

Given that municipalities should essentially operate like any business that sells services and products, attracting new business, while stemming the exodus of existing business, should be one of the main goals that municipalities pursue.

Relief for Nigeria’s DISCOs through $500m World Bank support project

The World Bank project will help boost electricity access by improving the performance of the DISCOs through a large-scale metering programme.

Going digital to increase security and revenue

If revenue collection from electricity sales continues to fall in light of the ongoing pandemic, the impact could be devastating, says Conlog.
EEG research projects

EEG investigates pandemic’s lockdown impact on utility revenue

EEG has funded two main research projects, as well as a range of research papers, on the relationship between the pandemic and energy.
municipal revenue

The latest Ntiyiso municipal revenue maturity benchmark report

To achieve their constitutional objectives, municipalities must generate revenue from municipal services to fund the majority of their budget. This report analysis the data.

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