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cooling roof

Three tips for cooling your roof for energy efficient home

Over a matter of days, South Africa’s winter chill has burned off with a very warm summer ahead. This will see a change in household requirements, from heating to cooling.
floating solar Kraaifontein Wastewater Treatment Works

Exploring floating solar, a first for Cape Town municipality

Given that vacant land in the city is very expensive and rooftop solar PV systems are relatively small, Cape Town aims to explore floating solar PV systems for large-scale solar PV installations.
Metal-organic frameworks for hdrogen powered car

Metal-organic frameworks improve hydrogen storage in cars, research

Researchers at the University of Crete and Toyota Motor Europe improved the hydrogen storage profile of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) as potential materials for use in hydrogen-powered cars.
Mali Albatros Energy heavy fuel oil power station

New hydrocarbon analysis laboratory for Mali

Certification company SGS will operate the first commercial hydrocarbon analysis laboratory in Mali able to test samples from different organisations.
wind industry

New Council of Engineers for the Energy Transition to advise the UN

An advisory council of engineers has been created to provide recommendations to the UN on how the energy transition can be accelerated

How SOEs could generate inclusive growth in MENA region

The sizable state-owned enterprise (SOE) footprint across the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia (ME&CA) region, together with its cost to the government, calls for revisiting the sector to help open the fiscal space.
Green hydrogen insights

Hydrogen energy economy for South Africa looking more feasible

Completed in partnership with Anglo American Platinum, clean energy solutions provider Bambili Energy and energy and services company ENGIE, the feasibility study says a hydrogen valley has the potential to create up to 32,000 jobs a year by 2030.
hydrogen production

Growing hydrogen market herald water technology opportunities

A new report into the intersection of hydrogen and water notes that while there is a global agenda to push for green hydrogen, there are concerns about the amount of water and renewable energy needed. 
deciphering extended reliability testing

Webinar 16 November: Deciphering extended reliability testing for solar PV systems

Testing and certification of modules can play a big part in the LCOE of a solar PV system.
Electric vehicle batteries demand expected to rise

Demand for electric vehicle batteries expected to surge

New report findings show that the demand for electric vehicle batteries is expected to register a surge exceeding a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25% from 2021 to 2031.