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Businesses in Uganda ask for reprieve from exorbitant tariffs

Sky high tariffs breaking the back of business in Uganda

A non-profit organisation in Uganda representing local businesses has petitioned members of Parliament to review electricity and water tariffs.

AfDB Electricity Regulatory Index: Uganda cream of the crop

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has released its annual Electricity Regulatory Index. For the fourth consecutive year, Uganda’s electricity sector was judged to be Africa’s best regulated across a number of key metrics.

Wins, misses and opportunities for African electricity regulations

The AfDB's ERI allows African countries to compare their electricity regulation environments with international best practices and make improvements where necessary.
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Decarbonising South Africa’s power system report unveils evidence

The recent Power Sector Decarbonisation Report states that it is possible for South Africa to decarbonise its economy and assesses ways to ensure a just transition that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.  
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SADC and COMESA receive AfDB grant to advance electricity regulations

The AfDB approved grants of $2.5 million to advance intra-regional harmonisation of electricity regulations and drive cross-border power trading in the COMESA and SADC regional blocs, which cover 28 African countries.
Tunisia renewable targets

Getting Tunisia ready to meet renewables targets by 2030

If Tunisia wants to meet their 30% electricity from renewables by 2030 target, they need new streams of capital to extend credit facilities to the industry, and capacity building among local banks to extend credit facilities to improve local investment conditions.

Coordinator sought for AFUR mini-grid tariff setting project

The African Forum for Utility Regulators (AFUR) needs a Project Coordinator to work on the Mainstreaming mini-grid tariff settlement tools and methodologies across African regulators Project.
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Electricity Regulatory Index report for Africa says Uganda is best

Uganda once against leads the African Development Bank’s annual Electricity Regulatory Index Report.
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Kenyan expert to lead East African energy regulatory association

East Africa's energy regulatory association welcomed in its new CEO, Geoffrey Mabea who believes the EAC will benefit from energy policy harmonisation.

About Africa Renewable Energy Forum

The Africa Renewable Energy Forum takes place as part of EnergyWeek Morocco - an annual meeting point to discuss the progress of regional energy projects in North & West Africa. The Africa Renewable Energy Forum...