Guinea: Conducive regulation could unlock green mini-grid market

The Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa recently organised a webinar on the assessment report of the green mini-grid market in Guinea.

Anti-corruption crusader Plo Lumumba to open landmark event

Professor of Law and anti-corruption crusader, Patrick Loch Otieno (PLO) Lumumba, is the keynote speaker at the upcoming Africa Supply Chain in Action event to take place on 19 and 20 August.

Tools to help the utility business model adapt to the energy...

As more countries work toward transitioning to a cleaner and more flexible grid, there is an increasing need for a clear set of utility business model tools and regulatory pathways.
NOx abatement solution for 12 boilers at a large industrial petrochemical plant. Source Babcock

Babcock receives energy project award for NOx abatement solution

Final performance tests conducted in Q1 2019, indicated that NOx production was reduced to significantly lower than local environmental requirements.
power sector

Nigeria will not reverse privatisation of power sector

Chairman senate committee on power, Gabriel Suswam has advised that government has no intentions of reversing the privatisation of the Nigerian power sector.

Is your organisation complying with data protection laws?

Best practice in the protection of personal information will become increasingly important as pan-African trade picks up, and as African countries seek to boost exports internationally.
DEFF environmental assessments

Op-ed: South Africa must comply with carbon tariffs to trade globally

As part of a global shift toward climate change action, carbon tariffs on imported goods are in the pipeline for regions such as Japan, Europe and the US.

Policies to reopen economies will influence Africa’s growth outlook

The African Economic Outlook 2020 – Supplement states that the growth outlook for 2021 and beyond would depend on policies to reopen economies.

Webinar recording: Gauging the Corporate Power Purchase Agreement market

Access this recording to gain insights on the benefits and risks involved regarding the evolving nature of the Corporate Power Purchase Agreement market.
DEFF environmental assessments

Climate policies essential for energy transition

Mitigating the negative social impacts from climate policies is essential to ensure broad support for the energy transition.

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