Is your organisation complying with data protection laws?

Best practice in the protection of personal information will become increasingly important as pan-African trade picks up, and as African countries seek to boost exports internationally.
DEFF environmental assessments

Op-ed: South Africa must comply with carbon tariffs to trade globally

As part of a global shift toward climate change action, carbon tariffs on imported goods are in the pipeline for regions such as Japan, Europe and the US.

Policies to reopen economies will influence Africa’s growth outlook

The African Economic Outlook 2020 – Supplement states that the growth outlook for 2021 and beyond would depend on policies to reopen economies.

Webinar recording: Gauging the Corporate Power Purchase Agreement market

Access this recording to gain insights on the benefits and risks involved regarding the evolving nature of the Corporate Power Purchase Agreement market.
DEFF environmental assessments

Climate policies essential for energy transition

Mitigating the negative social impacts from climate policies is essential to ensure broad support for the energy transition.
industrialisation strategy

World Bank backs China’s policy framework for eco-industrial parks

The World Bank have approved a loan for China's Jiangxi Eco-industrial Parks Project, which will strengthen policy framework for eco-industrial parks.

Digital DRC Mining Week: Power to the mines!

The Digital DRC Mining Week gathered the who’s who of mining in the DRC, including two dedicated sessions focused on the demand for power by the mining sector.

Industry develops guide for floating solar power projects

The guide will be based on a list of technical requirements for developing safe, reliable and sustainable floating solar projects.

Op-Ed: How risk managers can eradicate corruption

To make the risk of corruption prominent in organisations, the jargon used in the scenarios has to be relevant and specific to the organisation.

Webinar recording: Standards: A tool for trade facilitation

Join UL on 11 June for a discussion about the importance of standards and how it can support global trade, along with the benefits of certification.

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