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Op-Ed: What do you understand about data management?

Data management is a term often used loosely in organisations who then fail to manage, maintain and leverage data for making better business decisions.

The price of achieving broadband access across Africa is $100bn

Achieving universal, affordable, and good quality broadband access across Africa by 2030 will require an investment of $100 billion.
Open Africa Power

2019 class of Open Africa Power visits Italy

The 2019 edition of Open Africa Power started its final module in Milan on June 24, taking on 16 students from eight African countries.
electricity tariffs

In pursuit of robust electricity tariffs, NERC sets the rules

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission has requested all the Discos to submit Performance Improvement Plans before granting new electricity tariffs.
policy frameworks

Helping taxpayers navigate the Carbon Tax laws

Representative from Webber Wentzel map out a pathway to assist taxpayers in navigating the complex statutes regulating carbon tax in South Africa.
power generation

Op-Ed: Solving the Eskom dilemma

Restructuring Eskom into separate functions is a sensible solution to many of its problems, writes Mzukisi Kota, a Partner at Webber Wentzel.
energy projects

Op-ed: Insights into challenges surrounding energy projects in Africa

Land rights, political instability and corruption are among the challenges that delay the development of energy projects across Africa.

Eskom calls for regulator’s support to regain financial stability

The regulatory process as well as shareholder support is crucial to enable Eskom to recover technically and financially, says its chief financial officer.

Ghana: regulation remains a diamond in the rough

In Ghana, the emergence of renewables into the current Ghanaian market structure is proving a real challenge for the existing legislature.

NERSA clarifies draft rules consultation paper for SSEG

The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) has issued a statement clarifying and put into proper perspective the consultation paper on the draft...

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