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circular economy waste

New project supports circular economy, empowers informal waste reclaimers

Nestlé has launched the RE-Imagine Tomorrow project which uses a circular economy model to empower informal waste reclaimers.
wind energy

Wind circularity realised through 1st recyclable wind turbine blade

Siemens Gamesa has pioneered wind circularity by launching the world’s first recyclable wind turbine blade for commercial use offshore.

Exploring seaweed as a packaging alternative

In the race to purge plastics, global packaging company DS Smith is investigating using seaweed as an alternative fibre source for the barrier coating used to protect many foodstuffs.
recycling solar

Recycling firm switches to solar PV to help tackle climate change

One of the largest recyclers of plastics in Africa, Extrupet, commenced operation of their brand new 1.3MWp solar power plant in August.
waste management

Waste management approaches to mitigate burgeoning population risks

As the global population continues to increase with the global population expected to significantly exceed nine billion people by 2050. Waste generation is threatening biodiversity and the planet as a whole. Interwaste believes this demands a new approach to waste management.
wind turbine

Wind turbine blades fully recyclable thanks to innovative technology

A coalition of industry and academic leaders has developed a new technology to enable circularity for thermoset composites, the material used to make wind turbine blades.
clean future bio fuels

Unilever commits €1bn to clean future

Unilever is committing $1,168billion (€1billion) to investigate how to transition away from fossil fuel derived chemicals for its cleaning and laundry products by 2030.

Research shows recycling method to revive crumb rubber market

BIR Tyres & Rubber Committee discovered that there is a possibility of recycling of ELTs into secondary raw materials for tyres.
solar panels coca-cola plant

Solar to manufacture cool drinks and power the grid simultaneously

Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa is expanding the solar power generation capacity of its manufacturing facilities.
Rhino Sanctuary

Shining a light on recycling solar PV modules

The first global assessment into the most promising approaches to end-of-life management of solar PV modules has just been released by NREL.