liquid waste

South Africa bans liquid waste from landfill

The banning of liquid waste from landfill signals a shift in South African waste legislation, encouraging the waste industry to seek sustainable solutions.

Op-Ed: What should we do when recycling is not recycled?

South Africa's plastic recycling is now at 43% and has overtaken Europe in these statistics but some municipalities remain apathetic to separate waste.

Innovation drives recycling of wind turbine blades

WindEurope, Cefic and the EUCIA have created a cross-sector platform to advance the recycling of wind turbine blades in the European market.

Recycling of cobalt and lithium essential to empower clean energy transitions

A study released by IISD points that extracting cobalt and lithium from old products is essntial to empowering clean energy transitions.

Diarise: Global Recycling Day coming soon

In 2018, Global Recycling Day saw over 13 million people take part in recycling awareness – this year’s event will take place on 18 March 2019.

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