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It is time to start recycling packaging to minimise waste

Significant volumes of waste are still being diverted to landfill sites, which reflects a continued and dangerous "take-make-dispose" relationship with consumer products.

Innovations in plastic management inching Africa closer to SDGs

There is a significant risk associated with the current waste management systems and practices. However, there are lucrative economic and social opportunities that can help solve these issues.
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Plastics industry displays plant optimisation

By Dr Robin Kent, the Founder and Managing Director of Tangram Technology, UK In the plastics industry, automation is advancing rapidly where the general concept of Industry 4.0 is fast being implemented to allow data...

S.Africa | 1.144m tonnes of recyclable plastic dumped in landfills

1.144 million tonnes of recyclable plastic entered the South African waste stream in 2017, and 41.8% of this was recycled based on input tonnages – a 5,9% year-on-year growth. Speaking to ESI Africa, Kate Stubbs,...