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energy access solar lamp Lake Victoria Kenya

New study: Kenyan consumers are satisfied with off-grid solar products

A new study commissioned by CLASP shows that overall, Kenyan consumers are satisfied with their experiences with off-grid solar products.
regulatory environment

Wins, misses and opportunities for African electricity regulations

The AfDB's ERI allows African countries to compare their electricity regulation environments with international best practices and make improvements where necessary.

Abuja clean-tech utility company seeks HSEQ associate

A clean-tech utility company that uses solar energy to generate clean, safe, cost-effective and sustainable electricity in rural and urban Nigeria is looking for a qualified health, safety, environment and quality associate for its Abuja office.

QAF to quell micro-grid investment risk

Standardisation of a quality assurance framework across an industry as diverse as micro-grids can be complex as it can impact a variety of issues including technical components, business models, financing, and policy. Success is...