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finance SDGs

De-risking measures to attract financing to achieve SDGs

To achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in developing and emerging economies, there needs to be a substantial increase in funding flowing to these areas. The risk many, especially the private sector, associate with investing in emerging markets acts as a hindrance to this.

USTDA Global Procurement Initiative welcomes Kenya

Through the Global Procurement Initiative, USTDA will train public procurement officials to obtain the greatest value for money for Kenya’s public infrastructure investments.
Togo AMEA Power solar pv plant

Togo commissions first utility-scale solar plant by IPP

AMEU Power has announced the official commissioning of a 50MW solar PV plant in Blitta, Togo, marking the country’s first utility- scale renewable energy project developed by an Independent Power Producer (IPP).

New data tracks public participation in infrastructure in 2020

A new report from the World Bank indicates that the 56% drop in public participation in infrastructure in H1 from the previous year moderated to 52% for the full year.
private public partnership

Commentary: Kenya’s Public Private Partnerships Bill 2021

Louise Mathu, from Gennis Consulting, highlights a number of significant proposed changes to Kenya's 2013 Public Private Partnership Act.
solar power

Nigeria Federal Government calls for more private sector partnerships

The federal government has called for more private sector partnerships to increase renewable energy access in Nigeria in what they believe will assist in cutting energy bills.

Roundtable 19 May: Reinventing the Public Private Partnership

Private Public Partnerships (PPPs) are regarded as a way to narrow the gap between Africa's infrastructure needs and the existing finance.
solar rollout

Solar rollout for 25m Nigerians to begin

The Nigerian federal government has commenced its Solar Power Naija programme to deliver electricity through solar energy to communities who are off the grid.
clean energy funding

South Africa: Report tracks R62.2bn in annual climate finance

While South Africa has adopted a range of national and sectoral policies, plans and strategies to decarbonise the economy, the lack of climate finance data hampers efforts to meet broad developmental objectives.

PPPs are a feasible alternative to delivering water services

"South Africa has been missing opportunities in this space."