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electricity grid

Grid challenges a massive obstacle to Africa’s access to energy

RES4Africa and PwC have released a new study Private Sector Participation in African Grid Development. The study identifies underfinancing, inefficiency and insufficient extension of electricity grids as the main obstacles to Africa’s access to energy.
labour just transition

92,000 jobs potentially at stake because of the energy transition

Climate change labour experts have highlighted the impact that the just-transition could have on workers employed in the coal industry. Anna Majavu writes on how moving to a low-carbon economy could negatively impact South African workers as unions weaken and renewable energy components continue to be imported at the expense of local jobs.
EEG research projects COVID-19

Analysing how COVID-19 has changed access to finance in Africa

The EIB's Finance in Africa 2021 report explores how access to finance provided by banks, microfinance and private equity sectors have been affected by the global pandemic and what long trends may impact private sector investment.
smart sustainable cities

Private sector has big role to play in achieving sustainable cities and towns

Creating sustainable cities is a central feature of climate change adaptation and the private sector has a big role to play.
just energy transition

New framework will help companies deliver a just energy transition

The Council for Inclusive Capitalism have released a framework to help businesses ensure an energy transition that is just.

Private sector producers launch Electricity Sector Association of Kenya

Private sector producers of electricity in Kenya recently launched the Electricity Sector Association of Kenya (ESAK). The association is made up of Independent Power Producers (IPPs), private participants in the development of captive power plants for commercial and industrial facilities, as well as participants in the electricity transmission and distribution value chains.

South Africa in groundbreaking UNECA green energy programme deal

South Africa has finalised its very first issuance which is the second green bond issued through a private placement fully subscribed to by funds managed by PIMCO to the tune of $210 million.
just transition

Just transition needs to be accelerated to combat inequality

The public, civil society, investor community and governments are demanding that large companies demonstrate tangible commitments to an evolving operating context and approach to transitioning towards a secure and more sustainable world.

De-risking measures to attract financing to achieve SDGs

To achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in developing and emerging economies, there needs to be a substantial increase in funding flowing to these areas. The risk many, especially the private sector, associate with investing in emerging markets acts as a hindrance to this.
energy regulatory authority bill

Mauritania to lift structural obstacles hampering private sector development

The second Economic Update for Mauritania published by the World Bank. shows growth rising from 3% in 2017 to 3.6% in 2018, owing to Government’s fiscal prudence and reforms.