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Ed’s note: A splurge of funding for Africa, what is it good for?

Are you willing to take a guess as to the amount of funding allocated to Africa's power and energy market in the last 24 months?
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Tunisia: Renewable energy sector poised for growth

RES4Africa Foundation and AFRY says Tunisia could achieve its decentralised renewable energy sector development by opening its market to private investors and improving the energy off-taking conditions by increasing the attractiveness of its self-consumption regime.
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Focusing on high impact private sector investment to drive NDCs

The African Development Bank in a recently published scoping study recommends that development finance institutions and other investors focus on high-impact, high-growth potential start ups that can drive climate-related innovation.
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GCF approves $170.9m for AfDB’s programme to benefit African countries

Dr Kevin Kariuki of the AfDB states that the GCF's approval of LEAF is a significant boost for the bank's ambitions on the continent using decentralised renewable energy solutions, and moreover facilitated through local financing.
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Mozambique starts construction on first solar energy storage IPP

Globeleq, Source Energia and Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM) have started construction on the first IPP in Mozambique to integrate utility scale energy storage with a solar PV plant.
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AfDB joins development finance institutions to deepen private investment in fragile states

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has joined forces with other finance institutions to rollout pilot interventions in a number of fragile states.

Chad: AfDB President pledges deeper cooperation for energy sector

The AfDB has pledged to deepen cooperation between his organisation and Chad, to help the central African nation meet critical development financing needs.

Private investment in mega-projects shows signs of recovery

Fifty two developing countries received private investment in infrastructure in 2017, up from 37 in 2016. In addition, 20 mega-projects with an average size of $2.4 billion accounted for 51% of the total investment,...