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loadshedding could be ended by planned surplus power.

“We can’t continue to have government managing the power sector”

According to Africa Centre for Energy Policy's executive director, Ben Boakye: “It comes down to the reality that we can’t continue to have government managing the power sector.”
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ABB to support South Korea’s greener future

Korea Electric Power Corporation has awarded ABB Power Grid’s business with a large order to build two new converter stations.
loadshedding returns

Argentina blackout highlights infrastructure deficit

Following the power blackout that crippled the Argentinian power systems, Ankit Mathur from GlobalData, offers his view on the country's power industry.
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Could Argentina’s power blackout have been a cyberattack?

South America’s power blackout raised questions about the stability of the power infrastructure in Argentina and possibility of a cyberattack.
loadshedding returns

Sudan suffers total blackout amidst protests

Yesterday, Sudan suffered a total power blackout across the country but the ministry is yet to announce the exact cause of the situation.

Backup power to keep farms running smoothly in outages

Power outages can place crops and farm animals at risk, which necessitates for a reliable source of backup power for agricultural operations to operate...

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