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Scaling up current innovations to meet the energy demand

Dr Nicola Lazenby, Project Director at the Energy Catalyst programme notes that innovations have enabled millions of people to gain energy access.
Power for All talks about latest approach to ending energy poverty

Utilities don’t need to solve energy poverty by themselves

In this fireside chat that premiered at the Digital Energy Festival, Kristina Skierka, CEO of Power for All, talks about tactics to end energy poverty.
fireside chats

Fireside chats: Watch the premiere at the Digital Energy Festival

Be the first to watch our fireside chats with Power for All, Energy Catalyst and Aceleron, which will premiere at the Digital Energy Festival.

Why catalysing innovation is needed to power Africa

Nicola Lazenby, who leads the Energy Catalyst Programme at Innovate UK, talks about the role of innovation in accelerating energy access.
energy poverty gap

Close energy poverty gap by empowering women with clean energy

"Energy is tied to everything. It is tied to security, agriculture, education and infrastructure," says Ifeoma Malo in this exclusive interview.

Solar veteran joins Power for All board of directors

Power for All has announced that co-founder and executive director of Vote Solar, Adam Browning has joined its board of directors.
decentralised renewables

How decentralised renewables are creating jobs

Power for All issued its first annual jobs census measuring employment from decentralised renewables for rural electrification in Africa and Asia.
African Utility Week

Launch of Utilities 2.0 at African Utility Week

A coalition of energy sector leaders including Power for All, Umeme and The Rockefeller Foundation today launched Utilities 2.0 at African Utility Week.
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Power for All: “Energy sector should promote renewables”

POWER FOR ALL INTERVIEW with CEO Kristina Skierka: "The energy sector must step beyond its limited circles and communicate in a more powerful way the benefits of renewable energy in achieving economic and social development"
distributed energy

Rural energy holds an untapped jobs engine

William Brent is a leader at Power for All, writes about the potential of distributed energy in creating the much needed jobs in rural communities.

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