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Integrated energy model bridging the electrification gap in Uganda

As part of the Utilities 2.0 Twaake pilot, the Minister of Energy and Mineral Development in Uganda commissioned a 40Wp minigrid in Kwiumu that will power 300 households and 60 local businesses.
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Report identifies reforms to end energy poverty in Ethiopia

The Catalizing Investment for Energy Access: Making the Case for Change report identifies policy and financial barriers to investment in Ethiopia’s off-grid solar market with a view to end energy poverty.

Exclusive interview: Ifeomo Malo

Campaign Director | Power For All (Nigeria) WHAT DO YOU THINK MAKES YOUR TEAM SUCCESSFUL? With our core focus on energy access and climate change, our shared values, namely vision and vigour, are committed to tackling...

Exclusive interview: Kristina Skierka

Chief Executive Officer | Power For All WHAT DO YOU THINK MAKES YOUR TEAM SUCCESSFUL? Individual ownership for results together with mutual accountability towards our shared mission. In addition, there is a deep love and respect...

Ed’s note: How to make a minigrid business model fit for purpose

The minigrid business model – as fitting as it is in its endeavour to provide clean power – alone is not a best-case solution.
Uganda Umeme Twaake 2.0

Uganda: Integrated energy approach to create energy for all

A newly launched Utilities 2.0 Twaake pilot project unites distributed renewable energy companies in Uganda to provide centralised and decentralised technology clean power solutions.
Foot-powered washing machine by South African wins big

Power for All: Energy access trends for 2021

Power for All has released its annual energy access trends for 2021, which includes a visualisation of the survey results.

Scaling up current innovations to meet the energy demand

Dr Nicola Lazenby, Project Director at the Energy Catalyst programme notes that innovations have enabled millions of people to gain energy access.
Power for All talks about latest approach to ending energy poverty

Utilities don’t need to solve energy poverty by themselves

In this fireside chat that premiered at the Digital Energy Festival, Kristina Skierka, CEO of Power for All, talks about tactics to end energy poverty.
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Fireside chats: Watch the premiere at the Digital Energy Festival

Be the first to watch our fireside chats with Power for All, Energy Catalyst and Aceleron, which will premiere at the Digital Energy Festival.