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POWER ALERT: Eskom continues with loadshedding

Power alert: Stage 4 loadshedding implemented but Eskom states that technicians are working around the clock to return generation units to the network.
loadshedding returns

POWER ALERT: Eskom to continue with loadshedding this week

Due to a loss in capacity, Eskom will implement rotational loadshedding this week starting on Monday, 18 March from 09h00 to 23h00.
loadshedding returns

POWER ALERT: Stage 2 rotational loadshedding

POWER ALERT: Eskom will implement Stage 2 rotational loadshedding from 08h00 on Friday, 15 March, which is likely to continue until 23h00.
Camden Power Station

POWER ALERT: rotational loadshedding on high alert

Eskom announced a high risk of rotational loadshedding for Monday, 11 March, due to loss of generating units at its power stations.