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20by2020 improves water quality and access in rural Madagascar

Humanitarian initiative 20by2020 recently installed Safe Water Cube foundations across five rural areas of Madagascar.

South Africa approaching physical water scarcity by 2025

According to Dr Hlamulo Makelane, research fellow at the Nelson Mandela University, South Africa is approaching physical water scarcity by 2025.
Water technology

Water technology: No one-size-fits-all solution

Exclusive interview with Dr Jo Burgess, Senior Technology Specialist - Isle Utilities, discussing Water technologies required to advance the water sector.
water quality

Pressure mounts to solve Hammanskraal water quality crisis

After exposing the shocking state of water quality in Hammanskraal, OUTA joined efforts with the two local organisations, Hammanskraal Residents' Forum (HRF) and Fair and Equitable Society (FES), to put more pressure on authorities...
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Invisible crisis of water quality limits global economic growth by one-third

The World Bank says the world faces an invisible water quality crisis that is eliminating one-third of potential economic growth in heavily polluted areas.