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Tracking countries climate action IRL shows needle isn’t moving

Momentum to update 2030 targets for climate action has stalled since May, with no major emitters releasing stronger climate targets, says a new analysis released today by Climate Action Tracker.

Stricter reporting and enforcement on local empowerment in Africa

All indications are that more stringent reporting and enforcement of local empowerment requirements are on the way across much of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Making Nigeria’s petroleum industry attractive to investors

If properly implemented, the state-owned Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation will be purely commercial with the intention of maximising its return on investment.

New bicycle sharing scheme to reduce Kigali’s carbon emissions

The City of Kigali and green e-mobility public transport company GURARIDE unveiled a bicycle sharing scheme to reduce carbon emissions and the city's dependency on automobiles.
engineering training

Is artificial intelligence the answer to accelerating the energy transition?

The nine principles cited in the Harnessing Artificial Intelligence to Accelerate the Energy Transition report aim to build industry trust in AI technologies so that they can play a greater role in the energy transition.

Focus on East Africa

Join us as we deliver an East Africa Focus week with content geared towards the region through podcasts, webinars and articles.
gas senegal

New report on role of gas in transition to net-zero

An IHS Markit report states more emphasis is needed on the repurposing of existing infrastructure to enable gas to become a 'second pillar' of decarbonisation alongside renewables.
hydrogen market

Hydrogen market outlook shows more countries have H2 strategies

BloombergNEF’s 2021 Hydrogen Market Outlook indicates that while China dominates the market more than 40 countries have now published a hydrogen strategy or are developing one.
climate sustainability targets

South Africa gets first School for Climate Studies

Stellenbosch University has launched a School for Climate Studies, the first of its kind with faculty status in South Africa and that will create a transdisciplinary capacity.
solar PV rules

Global solar PV market is breaking all sorts of records

SolarPower Europe’s new Global Market Outlook report says solar PV installation increased 18% in 2020 compared to the previous year, despite COVID-19 induced lockdowns.