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USEA Uganda

USEA sways Uganda’s energy mix with diversification strategy

The United States Energy Association (USEA) advises that developing an Integrated Resource Plan will increase consistency across planning activities, reduce inefficiencies, and promote transmission and generation expansion in Uganda.

Coordinator sought for AFUR mini-grid tariff setting project

The African Forum for Utility Regulators (AFUR) needs a Project Coordinator to work on the Mainstreaming mini-grid tariff settlement tools and methodologies across African regulators Project.
pre-engineering contract

Another step taken towards unifying Africa’s electricity systems

The African Single Electricity Market is expected to be launched in February 2021 during the African Union Assembly of Heads of State and Government.

Tony Blair: COVID-19 exposed Africa’s development landscape flaws

COVID-19 has exposed the challenges and opportunities of Africa’s development landscape, former British prime minister Tony Blair said in an African Development...
investment infrastructure development

AfDB: Private investment key to Africa’s development

The AfDB recently hosted discussions on how it can strengthen support of Public Private Partnerships and channel greater investment towards economic and social infrastructure.

Angola exploring green mini-grids with the help of AfDB

Green mini-grids for Angola could change the lives of millions if regulatory concerns were addressed to incentivise private sector participation.
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Southern Africa’s economic growth now linked to path of COVID-19

African Development Bank's says the region must prepare better to prevent and mitigate effect of COVID-19 on region's economic growth.
policy frameworks

Erratic policy frameworks are holding renewables back

Erratic policy frameworks are holding the renewables sector back from its potential contribution to cutting carbon pollution.

Tilt solar PV market to record 9% growth in five years’...

Research firm Technavio forecasts the global fixed tilt solar PV market to record a 9% growth over the next five years.

SADC region sees 38.7% growth in renewables capacity

The SADC region is realising a considerable increase in the number and quality of its renewable energy and energy efficiency policies.

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