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Exploring seaweed as a packaging alternative

In the race to purge plastics, global packaging company DS Smith is investigating using seaweed as an alternative fibre source for the barrier coating used to protect many foodstuffs.
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DRC to get first waste plastic to energy pyrolysis plant

Clean Vision Corporation subsidiary Clean-Seas has signed a letter of intent to build and operate a waste plastic-to-energy pyrolysis plant in Kinshasa in Democratic Republic of Congo with a $30million CAPEX price tag.
Flipflopi on Lake Victoria

Highlighting the impact of plastics pollution on Lake Victoria

The Flipflopi, a dhow made from recycled plastic, has set sail on its second voyage, taking to riverine communities in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya to highlight the importance of reversing the damage of plastic pollution to communities that depend on Lake Victoria.
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Using waste management to widen the job circle

South Africa’s national waste policy has been aligned with the concept of the circular economy, in hopes of job creation.

S.Africa | 1.144m tonnes of recyclable plastic dumped in landfills

1.144 million tonnes of recyclable plastic entered the South African waste stream in 2017, and 41.8% of this was recycled based on input tonnages – a 5,9% year-on-year growth. Speaking to ESI Africa, Kate Stubbs,...