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Global electricity review shows coal generation still top choice

Wind and solar power have driven a record drop in the use of coal-generated power, but only because the COVID-19 pandemic drove a drop in electricity usage.
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Global Centre on Adaptation Africa to drive climate change agenda

Global Centre on Adaptation Africa will work with partners across the continent to protect communities from the impacts of climate change.
South Africa announces update on climate change

South Africa’s latest update on climate change approach

Cabinet has approved the establishment of the Presidential Climate Change Coordinating Commission for the just transition of South Africa to a low carbon climate society by 2050.
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Wind and solar generation are cutting down coal use

Climate think tank Ember’s half-year analysis of global electricity use shows wind and solar generation rose by 14% in the first half of this year, compared to 2019. reducing coal use.
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The successful matrimony of hydrogen and offshore wind

An consortium intends launching the NortH2 project for the production of green hydrogen using renewable electricity generated by a mega offshore wind farm.

Siemens returns as diamond sponsor at EUW and POWERGEN Europe

Siemens returns as diamond sponsor at European Utility Week and POWERGEN Europe in France taking place on 12-14 November 2019.
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Decarbonisation could move Earth Overshoot Day by 21 days

A whitepaper by Schneider Electric and the Global Footprint Network suggests that adtoping decarbonisation programmes would delay Earth Overshoot Day.
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Op-Ed: Climate change, a different point of view

Despite differences in the energy mix, climate change remains the elephant in the room, writes Rob Jeffrey, an independent economic risk consultant.

Op-Ed: Impacts of climate change in Vietnam

Vietnam, known for its beaches, rivers, and bustling cities, is considered among countries that are significantly impacted by global climate change.
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Discover top three regions dedicated to climate financing

Climate financing by the world’s largest multilateral development banks in developing countries and emerging economies rose to an all-time high of $43.1 billion in 2018.

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