oil well Southeath Meleiha Concession Egypt Apex

Apex International Energy discovers oil in Egypt’s Western Desert

Apex International Energy has announced a new oil discovery in the Southeast Meleiha Concession in the Western Desert of Egypt.
oil pipe

Flagging energy commodity prices are dragging down African economies

Energy commodity prices are not expected to return to pre-COVID-19 levels any time soon, says the World Bank.
Gas Megahub project

New gadget for tracking oil and gas-related sources of methane

The IEA has launched a new online tool that tracks oil and gas-related sources of methane, a major and often overlooked greenhouse gas.
Natural gas

S.Africa and S.Sudan sign exploration and production sharing agreement

The agreement is the second EPSA signed since South Sudan gained independence in 2012 and shows progress for the country’s oil industry as production resumes at existing oilfields and new exploration begins.

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