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Digital Energy Festival for Africa

Digital Energy Festival for Africa in the news: Week 1!

The Digital Energy Festival for Africa kicked off last week and as expected, has already yielded some thought-provoking and inspiring content and conversations.
African market hot spots for Oil & Gas

Upstream oil and gas industry on adopting decarbonisation methods

Numerous upstream organisations have made important steps towards adopting decarbonisation methods in their operations, writes Norvergence LLC.
oil and gas rig Deepsea Stavanger

Oil rig hits Cape Town on the way to Brulpadda

Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy Gwede Mantashe has welcome the arrival of oil and gas drill rig, DeepSea Stavanger, in Cape Town.

Intolerance for fossil fuels grows after Mauritius oil spill

The leaking vessel was en route to Brazil from China carrying over 3,800 tons of Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil and 200 tons of diesel oil.
BP net zero plans

Oil and gas giant BP spells out net zero plans

Oil and gas giant BP have laid out the first detailed steps in their ambitious plan to attain a net zero position by 2050.
oil pump jacks

Oil and gas giant turns to renewables to power own facilities

Chevron USA and Algonquin Power & Utility Corp will co-develop renewable power projects to provide electricity to Chevron’s global portfolio.
Nigeria's gas reserves

More oil and gas companies are turning to renewables

The number of companies within the oil and gas industry turning to power their operations using renewable energy is increasing, according to a new report issued by IHS Markit.
Ministerial Roundtable

Ministerial Roundtable: Energy’s vital role in response to crises

The chair of the African Ministerial Roundtable summarises the discussion that took place via videoconference with high level global attendees.

Nigerian refinery achieves digital transformation in record time

Dangote invests the latest state-of-the-art technologies for its single-train refinery in terms of quality assurance and smart production environments.
regional projects

AfDB rebuts claims that it plans to provide financial support to...

The African Development Bank has become aware of an inaccurate news article stating that the institution plans to provide financial support to the East African Crude Oil Pipeline Project.

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