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Oman in agreement for the development of natural gas

TotalEnergies has signed several agreements with the Government of Oman for sustainable development of the country’s natural gas resources.
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Energy transition or access: Africa’s fossil fuel problem

As the world accelerates its race towards a net zero emissions future, there is an increasing focus on developing countries and their financial inability to meet such net zero target that define successful energy transition.

Doing oil and gas business in Nigeria made easier

The passing of the Petroleum Industry Act last year in Nigeria is starting to have a positive effect on how the country’s oil and gas industry is viewed
ESG-related litigation

ESG-related litigation looms for mining, oil and gas companies

In the near future, companies operating in the mining, oil and gas sectors are likely to feel the brunt of the increasing prominence of ESG-related litigation and the recalibration of societal norms towards sustainability.
Oil-and-gas exploration in Namibia

Traditional leaders support oil-and-gas exploration in Namibia

The traditional authorities of Kavango East and Kavango West have confirmed their support of the oil-and-gas exploration programme in Namibia by Reconnaissance Energy Africa Ltd.
Duvha Power Station

Reducing methane emissions for climate change

An international push is needed to decrease methane emissions which can provide the most impactful way to limit near-term climate change says the International Energy Agency (IEA) in a newly released report.
AfCFTA scales up local content initiatives in Nigeria

AfCFTA scales up local content initiatives in Nigeria

The implementation of the AfCFTA allows Nigeria to increase local content initiatives, expand economic activity and drive local capacity.
WEF funding

Ed’s note: The revolution is in full swing, don’t be left behind

When industry giants, with decades of experience under their belts, take steps to give their business a facelift, you know things are afoot. What the impact will be, I could not guess.

Making Nigeria’s petroleum industry attractive to investors

If properly implemented, the state-owned Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation will be purely commercial with the intention of maximising its return on investment.
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Angola oil company exchanges black for green in restructuring

Angola’s National Oil Company Sonangol has announced it is going public, restructuring as a comprehensive National Energy Company rather than strictly oil focused.