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Nigerian refinery achieves digital transformation in record time

Dangote invests the latest state-of-the-art technologies for its single-train refinery in terms of quality assurance and smart production environments.
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AfDB rebuts claims that it plans to provide financial support to...

The African Development Bank has become aware of an inaccurate news article stating that the institution plans to provide financial support to the East African Crude Oil Pipeline Project.
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Nigeria: $50m pledge to support oil and gas industry local content

The Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board will establish a $50 million intervention fund to support local content in the oil and gas industry.

Op-Ed: Chemical and oil companies to slash capex to preserve cash

Due to COVID-19 and collapse in crude oil prices, chemical, oil and gas, and midstream companies will all slash capex for growth projects to preserve cash.
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IRENA Director-General says oil price won’t impact renewable strategies

In the current market situation, oil market volatility is unlikely to have a significant impact on RE plans and investments says Francesco La Camera.
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IEA Oil 2020 report highlights COVID-19 risk but lacks climate response

The IEA OIl 2020 report identifies a worst-case scenario for the market if COVID-19 continues to spread globally and China's need for oil remains subdued.
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Oil and Gas Council hosts the first Senegal offshore licencing round

President Macky Sall opened the Oil & Gas Council’s 4th MSGBC Basin Summit & Exhibition in Dakar, where he announced Senegal's first offshore licencing round.
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Op-Ed: DRC’s oil industry potential remains untapped

Standing in the 12th position amongst African oil producers, DRC’s oil industry is miniscule, producing about 25 thousand barrels of crude oil per day.
Senegal offshore licencing

IOCs have no choice but to support the energy transition

International Oil Companies (IOCs) have an opportunity to be key players in the renewable energy space, regardless of the already competitive landscape.
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African Energy Chamber to empower young energy professionals

The African Energy Chamber is launching its first Fellowship Programme to provide young energy professionals with the tools to become future leaders across the industry.

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