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Nuclear security in Burkina Faso observed by IAEA advisory mission

On request from the Burkina Faso government, an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) team of experts from Lebanon, Niger, Senegal and the agency completed a nuclear security advisory mission to the country.
groundhog day

Ed’s note: Nuclear power sees Groundhog Day

South Africa has for some years now attempted to increase its nuclear capacity, with the latest proclamation taking us back to Groundhog Day.

Industrialisation driven by clean, reliable energy in Ghana

The minister of energy for Ghana, Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh, has said that the government is working to boost industrialisation through the use of clean, reliable energy systems such as nuclear and renewable energy.
extend koeberg plant life

Decision to extend Koeberg’s plant life was a “no-brainer”

It is also a key part of the project to ensure that Koeberg complies with the National Nuclear Regulator (NNR) requirements for life extension.

Up for sale: Eskom’s Pebble Bed Modular Reactor

Eskom clarifies the Expression of Interest published for its Pebble Bed Modular Reactor company. Deadline for submissions: 28 February 2020.
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Op-Ed: Prospects of nuclear power generation in SA’s energy mix

South Africa could have become a major player in the nuclear power supply chain or at best become an exporter of the technology in its own right.
Koeberg Unit 2

The drive for an African nuclear energy market

Permanent Secretary Joseph Njoroge has reiterated that the Energy Act 2019 enhances the participation of nuclear power development in Kenya.

Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, a global leader in nuclear research

Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia commended the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission for its cutting edge research and training.

Nuclear milestone reached at Karachi power plant

The outer safety dome of unit 2 at the Karachi nuclear power plant in Pakistan was successfully installed on the containment building.
Nuclear energy: The future of a sustainable world.

Anticipating new design for nuclear power

Nuclear physicist Dr Kelvin Kemm writes about the latest nuclear energy technologies as well as what to expect from future designs.