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US and Ghana sign memorandum with a focus on nuclear

The United States of America and the Republic of Ghana have signed a Memorandum of Understanding Concerning Strategic Civil Nuclear Cooperation (NCMOU).

Kenya progressing steadily on nuclear infrastructure plans

The International Atomic Energy Agency says Kenya has made progress in implementing their recommendations from an earlier IAEA nuclear infrastructure review mission.

Zimbabwe approves MoU for nuclear energy cooperation with Russia

The Zimbabwean government approved a Memorandum of Understanding with Russia, which seeks to facilitate a high level of cooperation between the two countries in the use of nuclear energy by laying a foundation for the execution of the agreed areas of cooperation.
nuclear energy

Morocco makes great strides in nuclear with first-ever training centre

Moroccan Minister of Energy, Mines, and the Environment, Aziz Rebbah, inaugurated the country's first national Training Centre in Nuclear Science and Technology, which will act as a collaborating centre of the IAEA.

Op-ed: A decade since Fukushima, who should learn what lessons?

The phrase; 'the lessons learned from Fukushima' is well-known but how do people implement them if they don't what the lessons are or what happened?
Nuclear energy

Molten salt reactors poised to boost the nuclear energy sector

Molten salt reactors could be a major contributor to the nuclear energy sector, according to Research Assistant Professor of Nuclear Engineering Ondrej Chvala.
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World’s uranium resources enough for the foreseeable future

Sufficient uranium resources exist to support the long-term, sustainable use of nuclear energy for low-carbon electricity generation, says a new joint report by the OECD NEA and the IAEA.
energy policy south africa

Energy policy in South Africa: Are changes finally coming?

Examining South Africa's energy policy positions and actions taken, which have tended to be reactive and driven more by crisis management than by forward-looking leadership.
extend koeberg plant life

Decision to extend Koeberg’s plant life was a “no-brainer”

It is also a key part of the project to ensure that Koeberg complies with the National Nuclear Regulator (NNR) requirements for life extension.
nuclear power public perception

Op-ed: Nuclear power must challenge public perception

Nuclear power, challenged by negative public perception, is by far the best way to tackle our energy crisis and is our most affordable option for new electricity.

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