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small modular reactors

Small modular reactors – designing nuclear energy for African landscapes

Dr Kelvin Kemm breaks down anti-nuclear theory and analyses the need for and the design of small modular reactors in Africa.

Tender: Valuation and due diligence of pebble bed modular reactor

The South African Nuclear Energy Corporation SOC Limited invites bids for the valuation and due diligence in respect of the pebble bed modular reactor (PBMR).
Nuclear procurement

25 companies show interest in SA’s nuclear procurement, Nkabane

South Africa plans to issue a Request for Proposal for 2,500MWe of new nuclear capacity at the end of March 2022 and complete the procurement process in 2024.

Webinar recording: Compact nuclear power: Affordable, investable, reliable, low carbon power for Africa

Rolls-Royce SMR would like to invite you to an intimate panel discussion with speakers representing the African public sector, private industry players and Rolls-Royce’s nuclear technology experts.
infrastructure fund

How to build South Africa’s nuclear project with local skills

Dr David Milne explains how South Africa can build its nuclear power plants without necessarily incurring cost overruns or schedule delays and using the available local skills.

Zimbabwe pledges commitment to nuclear safety

Zimbabwe pledged its commitment to nuclear safety and security this weekend by depositing legal instruments with the IAEA.
nuclear regulator

Nuclear legacy shows need for strong regulator and transparency

It may be that Eskom would be better off closing down Koeberg and investing in cheaper electricity generation, than running up ever-increasing refurbishment costs to keep a 40-year-old plant running, states OUTA.
groundhog day

Ed’s note: Nuclear power sees Groundhog Day

South Africa has for some years now attempted to increase its nuclear capacity, with the latest proclamation taking us back to Groundhog Day.

Thyspunt nuclear build links to Eastern Cape economic development

Commentary: A nuclear power station build at Thyspunt in the Eastern Cape would fill the requirements to reduce unemployment and increase economic development.
pension funds

What project management of SA’s new nuclear build will look like

For a project of this size and strategic importance, it is necessary to ensure that its management should comply with the highest international standards to prevent the cost and schedule overruns that in the past have characterised large projects.