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About Ntiyiso Consulting

Founded in 2005, Ntiyiso Consulting is an authentically African and globally wired management consulting firm with expertise across all major industries.
women in energy mentorship

Mentorship key for career -Women in Energy

Mentoring plays an important role for women in the energy sector who wish to advance their careers.
municipal revenue

The latest Ntiyiso municipal revenue maturity benchmark report

To achieve their constitutional objectives, municipalities must generate revenue from municipal services to fund the majority of their budget. This report analysis the data.
Global competition for skills is intensifying.

Expanding the skill set of municipal leaders

“The Municipal Leaders Forum has been specifically developed to allow the leaders responsible in this crucial local government space to expand their skill set.
Smart cities

Four pillars to enable a Smart City dream

What are the crucial factors needed to deliver a new smart city? Ntiyiso Consulting gives an overview of this city comprising of four pillars.

How to turn Hustlers into Super Heroes

Municipalities in South Africa are increasingly considering the option to replace their analogue meters with smart ‘next generation’ meters, which deliver real-time or periodic interval...

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