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Founded in 2005, Ntiyiso Consulting is an authentically African and globally wired management consulting firm with expertise across all major industries.
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How local government can achieve effective economic planning

Economic planning is critical for the development of the local government sphere says Auntony Mukhwana, the managing director at Ntiyiso Industrialisation Consulting.
data science

Importance of data science and revenue coverage

Ntiyiso Consulting head of Information Technology Lenka Mohapi talks on knowing what information is important and why.
municipality mSCOA

Advice on applying municipality reform under mSCOA

In South Africa, the Municipal Regulations on a Standard Chart of Accounts (mSCOA) is a regulation that seeks to troubleshoot financial challenges.

Op-ed: Give to municipalities what belongs to municipalities

The law states it is municipalities that should provide electricity to ratepayers and not Eskom, so why is the state-owned power utility the one in the power seat? asks Alex Mabunda Group CEO at Ntiyiso Consulting.

Business success: The importance of processing, Ntiyiso Consulting

Ntiyiso Consulting group chief advisor Andisa Ramavhunga indicated that business processing allows companies and organisations to have an upper hand against their competitors.
large consumer groups

Large consumer groups key to municipalities becoming successful

Given that municipalities should essentially operate like any business that sells services and products, attracting new business, while stemming the exodus of existing business, should be one of the main goals that municipalities pursue.
women in energy mentorship

Mentorship key for career -Women in Energy

Mentoring plays an important role for women in the energy sector who wish to advance their careers.
municipal revenue

The latest Ntiyiso municipal revenue maturity benchmark report

To achieve their constitutional objectives, municipalities must generate revenue from municipal services to fund the majority of their budget. This report analysis the data.
Global competition for skills is intensifying.

Expanding the skill set of municipal leaders

“The Municipal Leaders Forum has been specifically developed to allow the leaders responsible in this crucial local government space to expand their skill set.
Smart cities

Four pillars to enable a Smart City dream

What are the crucial factors needed to deliver a new smart city? Ntiyiso Consulting gives an overview of this city comprising of four pillars.