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Session 28 Oct: Plugging the water revenue leak

Managing non-revenue water is essential for utility business but with Just under 40% of the total municipal water supply in South Africa lost before it reaches the customer, how do they plug the leaks?

Identifying business opportunities in South Africa’s water sector

Technology providers that install flow and pressure metering and monitoring devices can benefit from tenders by municipalities determined to reduce their non-revenue water.

Ed’s note: How to manage water use when drought threatens

Cape Town never reached Day Zero, however, the threat of drought remains on high alert and water management should be on every city’s watch list.
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Saving Africa’s water resources drop by drop

Malawi’s Blantyre Water Board is undertaking an innovative resource management project to preserve water resources with every drop.
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Water experts warn that tariffs are too cheap

In South Africa, water experts have warned about the strong possibility of a tariff increase, partly due to a lack of investment in infrastructure. Substantial non-revenue water because of pipe leaks, mismanagement of budgets for...

Bottling plant reduces waste water by 60%

Exclusive interview with David Putterill, plant manager of Quality Beverages in Cape Town, one of the technical water project site visits this year during African Utility Week. During a site visit this year, delegates will...

Exclusive interview| Eng. Richard Appiah Otoo, Ghana Water Company

Eng. Richard Appiah Otoo, chief technology and innovation manager of Ghana Water Company Limited serves on the International Water Association management committee and will be speaking on the water conference programme at African Utility Week...