Nuclear power

Op-Ed: Prospects of nuclear power generation in SA’s energy mix

South Africa could have become a major player in the nuclear power supply chain or at best become an exporter of the technology in its own right.
nuclear energy

Op-Ed: How nuclear energy supports industrialisation

Over 12GW is planned for decommissioning over the next decade without a convincing replacement plan in sight, writes nuclear energy expert, Des Muller.
sub-Saharan Africa

NIASA wants government to use fair methodology to balance energy mix

Overheated rhetoric and fuzzy science seem to have dictated parts of the new Integrated Resource Plan 2018 (IRP2018) argued Prof Antonie Cilliers, Research Fellow,...
lifespan of nuclear power plants

IRP 2018 takes wrong turn with least-cost approach, NIASA

Public comment on South Africa’s revised draft integrated resource plan 2018 (IRP 2018) is well underway and the Nuclear Industry Association of South Africa...
nuclear energy

Nuclear power won’t be silenced

As a believer in the energy mix, the Nuclear Industry Association of South Africa (NIASA) has never been opposed to renewables and our official...

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