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Eskom plans to mitigate carbon emissions from existing plants

World’s clean energy progress can’t make up for emissions

The International Energy Agency’s new World Energy Outlook says global clean energy progress is too slow to put global emissions into a sustained decline towards net zero.
green hydrogen

Sasol takes the lead in South African green hydrogen project

Sasol has signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with the Northern Cape Development Agency (NCEDA) to lead the feasibility study to explore the potential of Boegoebaai as an export hub for green hydrogen and ammonia.
Predictions hydrogen

Making hydrogen projects cost-competitive

Investment in hydrogen projects to support the clean energy transition are increasing, but further efforts are needed to reduce costs and encourage wider use across sectors.
renewable energy

Stationery manufacturing plant goes 100% green via renewable energy

BIC South Africa has announced that their stationery manufacturing plant in Johannesburg, South Africa uses 100% green electricity. This announcement comes four years ahead of schedule and is a first for BIC factories in Africa.  
WEF funding

WEF whitepaper highlights funding as key to energy transition

“The entire continent remains vulnerable, but this whitepaper offers a view on what are viable financing options that exist today for clean energy sustainability and equitable recovery for all of Africa,” states Chido Munyati, Head of Africa at the World Economic Forum. 

Software company reports net zero across its value chain

Salesforce announced that it is a net zero company across its full value chain and has achieved 100% renewable energy for its operations.

Financing coal power projects in sub-Saharan Africa goes against net-zero goals

Research highlights that pockets of funders continue to finance additional coal-fired generation capacity in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. $42 billion was committed to grid-connected coal power plants between 2013-2019 in the 18 countries studied.

All-electric aircraft by Rolls-Royce takes flight

In a step towards decarbonising transportation and in an effort to transition to net zero, Rolls-Royce completed the first flight of their all-electric ‘Spirit of Innovation’ aircraft.

New bicycle sharing scheme to reduce Kigali’s carbon emissions

The City of Kigali and green e-mobility public transport company GURARIDE unveiled a bicycle sharing scheme to reduce carbon emissions and the city's dependency on automobiles.

Net-zero path outlined by IEA, too tough for South Africa to follow

The recommended IEA path to net-zero is a difficult one for South Africa to follow, considering its heavy reliance on coal; however, the country has positive initiatives in place to report on at COP26 states SANEDI.