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NERSA takes action on new nuclear power procurement

NERSA consultation paper states that the DMRE will be responsible for procuring South Africa's new nuclear build. Have your say before 5 February 2021.

Webinar recording: Localising power infrastructure projects within South Africa’s IRP 2019

How does South Africa’s regulatory organs of government and financing institutions intend to maximise the opportunity in a sustainable manner for the South African economy?
NERSA confirms approval of licensing of generation facilities above 1MW

NERSA confirms approval of licensing of generation facilities above 1MW

NERSA confirms receiving approval to process licence applications for self-generation facilities of above 1MW.
loadshedding could be ended by planned surplus power.

Additional power generation hoped to end loadshedding

While South Africa continues to struggle with loadshedding, recent indicators point to a light at the end of the tunnel that is lit by renewable energy.
NERSA confirms approval of licensing of generation facilities above 1MW

Western Cape wants finalisation of Section 34 Ministerial Determinations

The Western Cape government calls on Minister Mantashe to urgently sign and gazette the final Section 34 Ministerial Determinations.
renewable energy economy

Latest list of municipalities with approved SSEG tariff structures

NERSA has released a list of municipalities with approved small-scale embedded generation (SSEG) tariff structures.
Eskom financial

Ted Blom on latest loadshedding, tariffs and municipalities

"Each of the nearly 200 municipalities has their tariff structure, which largely try to mimic Eskom’s structure which in itself is a nightmare."

South Africa: Environmental group takes government to court over IRP

Non-profit organisation groundWork is suing the South African Minister of Minerals and Energy and NERSA to demand clarity on the IRP plans to meet energy needs.

Ed’s note: Cost-reflective tariffs vs. the South African consumer

The latest court battle between NERSA and Eskom, which holds the energy monopoly, will see power tariffs increase from 116.72c/kWh to 128.24c/kWh in 2021.
South African Municipality told to stop polluting water resources.

Eskom wins tariffs hike case, overruling energy regulator

The judgement on the Eskom board review of the National Energy Regulator of South Africa’s decision on the MYPD 4 was delivered on Tuesday.

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