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City of Tshwane tariff hike approved by Nersa

The decision follows on the regulator’s public hearing into the City’s 13.07% tariff application and restructuring of its tariffs that was held in July.
Tshwane municipality

Tshwane municipality taking flack for electricity tariff hikes

Nersa has given the Tshwane municipality seven days to explain why the metro wants to increase fixed charges to customers.
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South Africa: Recent municipal tariff hikes under scrutiny

The lack of public consultation on the recent electricity, refuse, waste and water tariff increases has caused widespread concern and received criticism.

NERSA confirms receipt from Energy Minister on generation licenses

NERSA has been inundated with a number of queries from various stakeholders seeking clarity on the Minister of Energy’s letter approving deviation from the IRP 2010-2030.

Op-Ed: Solving the Eskom dilemma

Restructuring Eskom into separate functions is a sensible solution to many of its problems, writes Mzukisi Kota, a Partner at Webber Wentzel.
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NERSA approves tariff hike for Transnet

The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) has approved an increase of 7.69% in Allowable Revenue (AR) for Transnet compared to...
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OUTA speaks out on NERSA decision

NERSA has approved Eskom’s request for tariff increases to 9.41%, 8.10% and 5.22% price increases for years 2019/20 to 2021/22 respectively.

Eskom calls for regulator’s support to regain financial stability

The regulatory process as well as shareholder support is crucial to enable Eskom to recover technically and financially, says its chief financial officer.
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Coal suppliers and IPPs influence Eskom’s request for tariff increase

Eskom focused on coal and independent power producers in its presentation at the National NERSA's public hearings in Durban.
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N.Cape: NERSA public hearings cancelled

The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) has cancelled public hearings scheduled to take place in Kimberley and Polokwane on 21 and 31...

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