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Enlit Africa

Enlit Africa confirms Eskom CEO André de Ruyter for keynote

Eskom CE to give more insight into Eskom’s COP26 journey and the anticipated outcomes.
municipal funding

Municipal funding and electricity distribution running on empty

Municipal funding in South Africa is in dire straits. Theo Covary looks at the historical landscape that led to this crisis and that remain relevant as municipalities grapple with service delivery failures.
Tender consulting services engineering

Tender – professional consulting services for engineering projects

The Breede Valley Municipality invites tenders for professional consulting services for various engineering projects for the period ending 30 June 2024. Deadline for submission: 25 June 2021.
municipality mSCOA

Advice on applying municipality reform under mSCOA

In South Africa, the Municipal Regulations on a Standard Chart of Accounts (mSCOA) is a regulation that seeks to troubleshoot financial challenges.
Tender consulting services engineering

Broken Promises: Electricity access for low-income households

Electricity access for low-income households: good policy intentions, bad trade-offs and unintended consequences.
free basic electricity

Commentary: The state of free basic electricity in South Africa

A new report reveals that in the 2019/20 financial year, some R9-billion budgeted and disbursed by National Treasury to local government for the provision of free basic electricity has been misappropriated by municipalities.

Op-ed: Give to municipalities what belongs to municipalities

The law states it is municipalities that should provide electricity to ratepayers and not Eskom, so why is the state-owned power utility the one in the power seat? asks Alex Mabunda Group CEO at Ntiyiso Consulting.
virtual reality lighting

Virtual reality influencing public lighting designs

The use of immersive virtual reality as a tool for lighting design is a topic that is drawing great interest in the scientific community.

Surprising results from waste management innovation

Innovative ways for municipalities to meet their sanitation and waste management obligations even where power or water are in short supply.

Dysfunctional municipalities to be ‘rescued’

Business as usual in South Africa includes a bit of load shedding on the side. This morning Eskom announced a low probability of load shedding during the day, which is likely to increase during...