Mini-grids appraised as an energy access champion

Conversations at the 20th edition of the Future Energy East Africa conference in Nairobi, Kenya in September 2018 were indicative of a region embracing change.

Innovation: Maximising the investment potential of mini grids

Exclusive interview with Amanda DelCore, associate, Factor, Kenya discusses innovation for income-generating appliances as part of mini grid business models.  “If mini grids can one...

Mini-grids and off-grid power projects are the future

Energy project developers and investors in East Africa are all talking about the huge impact that mini-grids and off-grid power projects can make as...
solar PV mini-grids

Electrification strategies: Innovation on and off the grid

Exclusive interview with Riccardo Ridolfi, co-founder and CEO of Equatorial Power. At Future Energy East Africa he will participate on two panel discussions covering...

QAF to quell micro-grid investment risk

Standardisation of a quality assurance framework across an industry as diverse as micro-grids can be complex as it can impact a variety of issues...

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