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Blue Zone open for World Biogas Association at COP26

The World Biogas Association (WBA) will represent the biogas industry at COP26 and demonstrate the value of the biogas industry in tackling climate change.
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Reducing methane emissions for climate change

An international push is needed to decrease methane emissions which can provide the most impactful way to limit near-term climate change says the International Energy Agency (IEA) in a newly released report.
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Engineering the safe delivery of a methane energy project in Rwanda

A South African engineering company has revived its business amid the pandemic by exploring into other African countriessuch as a methane energy project in Rwanda.
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Spanish dairy farm: From self-sufficiency to green gas market

German biogas specialist Welltech will build a biomethane power plant for Spanish cattle farm Torre Santamaria, which already covers its own energy demands from a biogas plant.
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IEA warns methane emissions resurgence imminent

Global methane emissions from the oil and gas industry fell by about 10% in 2020 as producers slashed production. But, the International Energy Agency (IEA) warns emission will rebound strongly without greater action from companies, policy makers and regulators.

Cow powered energy isn’t just an idea anymore

Biomethane obtained from cattle manure and straw has been connected to England’s national grid’s Gas National Transmission System for the first time.

Sale of Rwandan methane extraction project, concluded

New York-based Symbion Power has sold its investment in Rwanda – an ambitious project to produce electricity through methane extraction.

Studies are underway for methane-based fuels

In Germany, 27 partners from research, industry and the energy sector are to develop solutions for the use of methane-based fuels in transport and energy supply in the new MethQuest lead project. The project, which...

Zimbabwean cities to use PPPs to exploit methane as alternative source

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) is working on securing Private Public Partnerships (PPPs) for Mutare and Masvingo city council to enable them to start exploiting methane gas as an alternative energy source, reports...