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De Ruyter shares implications of $8.5 billion climate agreement

Speaking from Glasgow, de Ruyter said: "We need to spend a great deal of money over the next 10 to 15 years to replace our coal-fired power stations, which are rapidly reaching the end of their lives, with new, cleaner and greener power-generating capacity.
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The Eskom Medupi coal-fired power plant rollercoaster ride

Scarcely a week after Eskom proudly announced the completion of its Medupi coal-fired power plant disaster struck.

Completion of Medupi coal power station announced by Eskom

In South Africa, the last unit of Eskom's Medupi coal power station achieved commercial operation as planned by the end of July, marking the completion of the project.
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Eskom revised dates: Coal power plants to be completed by 2023

Eskom has committed to completing the construction of Medupi coal power station this year, while Kusile will be completed by 2023.
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Design defect modifications implemented at Medupi Unit 3

Following a 75-day outage to repair major design defects at the Medupi power plant, Unit 3 has reached the full generation capacity of 793MW.
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Scopa concludes oversight visits to Medupi and Kusile

Scopa has concluded its oversight visits to the Medupi and Kusile coal-fired power stations, the Committee announced on Thursday.
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Eskom: Medupi Unit 1 produces 190MW

Medupi Unit 1 has produced its first power of 190MW, making it the last of the six Units of Medupi Power Station to be synchronised to the national grid.
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Op-Ed: What caused the current Eskom crisis?

Everyone knows that the disastrous Medupi and Kusile projects, along with corruption in the coal procurement, caused the Eskom crisis, or is that true?

Eskom shares its transmission plan for 2019 to 2028

Eskom is sharing its Transmission Development Plan for 2019 to 2028 with the different stakeholders at a public forum that is currently underway in Midrand.

How Eskom can deal with its financial losses

The Eskom Integrated Report for 2018 revealed a financial loss of R2.3 billion for 2017/18, with R19.6 billion of irregular expenditure dating back to 2012. According to the company’s acting chief financial officer, Calib Cassim, Eskom’s...